Weekend Research On Robits & Technology Used in Wearables

1. Jumping Robot Cubes – not sure how this could help us. However it is very fascinating to see the possibility. Perhaps a pair of shoes force you into dancing? Just kidding, that would be pretty annoying.


2. Air Bag Bike Suits
Apparently, air bag has been used in motorcycle bikes since 2008. See this motorcycle suit. Now these are even fully commercialized for anyone who wants to purchase. at Spidi.


Of course I think everyone knows the story about the famous Sweden invisible bike helmet. Two woman who challenges the usual ugly shell bike helmets and made stylish airbag helmet-less helmets.


Airbag is also used in ski to help skiers to survive when an avalanche hits.

3. Hussein Chalayan . Everyone knows his Wooden table dress , I think it is still worth it to mention.
I am also very interested in this particular piece that has a net helmet over the mode.


4. Iris Van Herpen. A lot of 3D printed dresses and some interactive pieces.




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